The Uprooted Band featuring  
Michael Glabicki of Rusted Root  

Michael Glabicki, lead singer, songwriter and guitarist for Rusted Root fuses musical mastery and shamanic inspiration into his music and live performances. In his most prolific period to date Glabicki is focusing his energy on his new band, The UPROOTED Band, to carry on the legacy of Rusted Root’s energetic music while recording new music for their debut album due out next Spring.   

“Uprooted has masterfully expanded the landscape of the older Rusted Root songs and created a new intuitive and magnetic vision of the material” says Glabicki, “These inspired performances not only energize and expand the hearts of the crowds but also show us how to take the new music to the next level”. 

Rusted Root, lead by Michael, built their career around dramatic performances; their polyrhythmic, multicultural rock-and-soul picked up fans like a junkyard magnet as they swept across the nation on tour.  Glabicki continues to keep this tradition alive through his new project, The Uprooted Band. 

The Uprooted Band Featuring Michael Glabicki of Rusted Root 
With Dirk Miller on guitar and vocals, Ricky Petraglia on drums, Keaton Thandi on percussion, Erik Kramer on bass and Daisie Ghost Flower and Emily Victoria on background vocals, The Uprooted Band is a liberating project for Glabicki. He says "I looked to the past and imagined where I wanted to go and realized this band is the perfect vehicle to take me there.”  This tour will focus on the energy and excitement Rusted Root brought to all of their fans, and keep the spirit of the music moving forward.  

Michael Glabicki of Rusted Root with Dirk Miller Duo Show 
In addition to the full band, Glabicki strips down to the bare essentials on a duo tour where he and long-time bandmate Dirk Miller take the old Rusted Root favorites along with new material and perform re-envisioned versions of them in an up close and intimate setting. 

“We go into the crevices of the songs and expand them out and open up the music to whatever happens in the moment,” Glabicki says of his shows with Miller. “It’s completely improvisational, to the point where we surprise ourselves a lot. Things just happen, and I start laughing. It’s like we’ve never heard it sound like that before. We have a great time with it and the audience seems to enjoy the musical exploration too.” 

A multifaceted musician, producer and songwriter, Glabicki’s talents are unique and extremely uplifting. His new projects and music are extensions of his creative talent, and will inspire all those who participate.  Tour dates and additional information can be found on Glabicki’s website and social platforms.